What we do

Leadership, Development & Skills

At JCI Penticton we provide opportunities for young people to develop the Social Responsibility, Entrepreneurship, Leadership skills & Fellowship to create positive change in themselves, the community and the world.

We offer our members the following opportunities & more:


Training sessions & workshops are available to our members & often open to friends or guests. Some trainings that we have hosted in the past include include “Effective Speaking”, “Robert’s Rules of Order” or “How to run an Effective Meeting”. For a full list of upcoming training opportunities view our training schedule here.


Some people are born leaders and speakers and others consider standing up in front of people and talking the most terrifying experience they could ever have. You have the opportunity in JCI to speak out and develop your leadership skills gradually. You can be the owner of the stage or the strength and brains behind an operation. You decide. This is the perfect place to spread your wings of creativity and watch teamwork really happen.


Your participation depends on your schedule, not ours. You get out of the organization what you put into it and more. You decide what you want that to be. There are no mandatory attendance policies. You pick what you want to get involved with and do it on your time schedule.


How many times have you heard “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know”? As JCI members we have many opportunities to interact with the movers and shakers of this community – heck we ARE the movers and shakers of this community! Our members also come from many different industries and professions and are a great group of people to get to know.


This isn’t surprising since a great deal of our members are new to town and would like to get to know the new city they live in. The people that you will meet will become life long friends as you work together on a project or enjoy getting to know them at a social event. For a full list of our upcoming social events view our calendar here.


Where else would you have the opportunity to do such diverse things like volunteer at the SOEC concerts, run an aid station at Challenge Penticton or help put on a Murder Mystery Fundraising event! JCI activities result in the financial support of many worthy causes such as the Penticton Business Excellence Awards, the International Childrens Festival, the Penticton Food Bank & the JCI Summer Day Camps for Kids.


Do you want to prove you have project management skills? You can chair a project/event that involves hosting up over 1000 people and makes money for the chapter and the community. For people who want to make a more formal commitment, members have the opportunity to run for an executive position so they can take a more active role in the planning, running, and direction of the organization gaining very valuable experience that can be used in their every day lives.


We encourage people to stretch their comfort zones and take on things they’ve never done before. We aim for the success of the individual and chapter through the vast support network that JCI Penticton offers. Have you ever organized and planned a 2,200 person beer garden? We have a diversified group of members that aren’t beyond decorating a float or working all day in the sun in order to raise funds for our own chapter or fundraising events for other organizations.