Top 40 Under 40 December 4th – Rylan Hernberg

Penticton Top 40 Under 40“Penticton Top 40 under 40 is presented by Prospera Credit Union in partnership with the Penticton & Wine Country Chamber of Commerce and JCI Penticton, with support from White Kennedy LLP Chartered Accountants

Rylan Hernberg is an enterprising entrepreneur who took a large chance in 2007.  Leaving behind a high paying commission job in the Lower Mainland, Rylan purchased 5 “Coffee News” franchises and moved to the Okanagan and has not looked back.

Rylan is inspired by giving back and doing things for others “it really does drive me, inspires me and uplifts my soul. In my spare time I get much more joy out of doing things to better the community and others.”

It is this sense of helping others which led Rylan to working with The One Person Project, a charitable organization originating from Summerland.  Among Rylan’s proudest achievements, in 2010 he “was able to help coordinate sending a 40ft shipping container to Rwanda.”  The shipment contained 18,000 books, $70,000 worth of soccer jerseys and balls, medical supplies, 7 hospital beds, 1 operating table, a bunch of sewing machines and more and helped countless people in need.  It was also a tremendous learning experience for Rylan in that it demonstrated that with conviction and commitment, you can achieve anything that you have a deep desire for.

Rylan and Brenda at Rwanda Shipping YardBuilding on this philanthropic success, Rylan started a campaign called Touched by Kindness aimed at creating positive change in the world through acts of kindness.  This started out as a facebook page and website, but Rylan has goals to form a non-profit organization dedicate to fostering those goals.

Rylan has been an active member of the Junior Chamber International (JCI) wherein he was honored with the title of JCI BC Regional Member of the Year in 2011, and JCI-Effective Speaking Competition Regional Winner and National Representative.  He is also a JCI Penticton past President.

Rylan’s future goals include expanding his Coffee News Franchises and hiring capable people to run the day to day operations while he takes an oversight role.  He also has aspirations in writing and motivational speaking at various seminars around Canada and the United States.

Balancing his business, community involvement, commitment to family while still dedicating significant time and energy to his charitable passions is something Rylan has excelled at.  Part of this which he credits to learning early on to “Follow your heart, do what you love, always try and exceed your clients expectations, don’t be afraid to ask for the sale, don’t be afraid to ask for referrals, surround yourself around a good team of people”

When asked Rylan has the following words of wisdom to offer to young entrepreneurs:

“Ask for help when you need it. You don’t need to know how to do everything and don’t be afraid to ask for advice and assistance. This doesn’t show weakness, it shows strength. Find good mentors that can help you along the way. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, mistakes are a great learning tool. The only mistake you can make is being afraid not to try something new. If something doesn’t work, just learn from it and try something different.”

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