Top 40 Under 40 December 18th – Corrie Corfield

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Community is an important word to Corrie Corfield.  It is the inspiration behind her business Dogtown Coffee Co. located in Okanagan Falls and it is what inspires her on a day-to-day basis.

Feeling the need of a community hub in the community of Okanagan Falls, Corrie opened Dogtown Coffee Co. in February of 2012.  Her vision for the business was more than about serving great coffee, but to “inspire and create connection in the community of Okanagan Falls and beyond by offering exceptional customer service, high quality coffee and unique ways to bring people together.”

Dogtown Coffee Co. offers beverages and food in a vibrant lively atmosphere and hosts live music events and from time to time impromptu jam sessions for anyone who wants to participate.

Balancing her home life, as a loving wife and mother to 3 children, Corrie’s plan for the café has been to make it a local destination, a place that the residents of Okanagan Falls and other South Okanagan communities can call its own.

Recently participating in the Semi-finals of the “America’s Best Coffeehouse” competition held in Seattle.  Dogtown held its own amongst large chain and well established competitors and generated much local support from the community who were cheering on at the café which was live-streaming the competition.

Corrie hopes to build upon this success and continue to grow and expand the business.  She understands the challenges facing many merchants in the South Okanagan area and cites the seasonality of business to be a particularly tough obstacle to overcome for the hospitality industry but is committed to creative innovative events and buzz to keep the local community’s interest.

When asked for words of advice for up and coming entrepreneurs, Corrie encourages them to follow their heart and their passion and that with hard work you can accomplish great things.

When not working at the café, Corrie cherishes her time with her family and her kids in particular.  She is extremely proud that she has been able to demonstrate to her kids the importance of hard work in achieving her goals and in instilling within them the same sense of community which she values so much.

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  1. This is my cousin! Super proud to have her as a cousin, and super impressed with her coffee shop. Having been there myself, I can verify that it is superb coffee, fantastic food, and an amazing atmosphere to top it all off at Dogtown Coffee in Okanagan Falls, BC.

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