Top 40 Under 40 April 2nd – Cameron Baughen

Penticton Top 40 Under 40“Penticton Top 40 under 40 is presented by Prospera Credit Union in partnership with the Penticton & Wine Country Chamber of Commerce and JCI Penticton, with support from Community Futures Okanagan Similkameen

Cameron Baughen feels fortunate that his job allows him to encourage sustainability in the community.  As the Regional District’s Solid Waste Management Coordinator, Cameron is dedicated to making a positive difference to the community around him in terms of sustainable living.  To Cameron, the word “community” means “being interested in people around you, beyond your circle of friends and family.  People are weird and interesting and the more you learn about them the better you can understand yourself.”

Cameron developed a solid waste management plan which included a significant component of reducing waste by encouraging collecting food waste for composting.  Cameron is also the leader of the RDOS’s Master composting program which goes beyond traditional composting and offers innovative suggestions on eliminating or greatly reducing food waste.  This program has helped raise $1,400 toward establishing a community garden for Penticton located on Vancouver Avenue.  He has also helped develop locally built worm composting systems from 100% recycled materials.  The reduction of waste going into our landfills combined with supporting local gardening initiatives is what motivates and inspires Cameron on a day to day basis

cameronOutside of his waste reduction initiatives, Cameron also volunteers with various community organizations including the Salvation Army and the Soupateria.  He is dedicated to giving back to the community and to “making Penticton a better place”.

In his spare time, Cameron’s other passions include community radio.  He was a past president and one of the founders of the Peach City Community Radio group and has been involved in Peach City Radio’s broadcasts for the Penticton Museum, Pen High 100 and the Meadowlark Festival.  He credits his involvement with community radio for helping him to overcome his shyness, gain confidence and to become a better public speaker.

When asked for words of advice for young entrepreneurs starting out, Cameron encourages them and all businesses to “Think about expense not just revenue.  Businesses can undertake easy steps that save money but they often don’t take the time to implement them.  Sustainable business practices should have good ROI as well as be a good promotional tool. Pretty much any business can save money on electricity, water and waste.”

For more information on the Penticton Top 40 Under 40, including how to nominate someone click here.

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