Penticton Top 40 Under 40 February 19th – Diana Stirling

Penticton Top 40 Under 40“Penticton Top 40 under 40 is presented by Prospera Credit Union in partnership with the Penticton & Wine Country Chamber of Commerce and JCI Penticton, with support from Community Futures Okanagan Similkameen


Diana Stirling, owner of LocoLanding Adventure Park in Penticton is not afraid of doing things differently.  She has always believed “that being different is something to celebrate, especially in business”.  She credits this as a large part of LocoLanding’s success.  “We do several things in our business that are ‘outside of industry norms’ which have contributed to our growth as a tourism based business.”  Perhaps the most unique is their approach to staffing.  LocoLanding employs 55 staff, all of which are teenagers.  In a time where the general public and the business community typically view young people, and teenagers in particular as irresponsible or lacking in work ethic, Diana’s faith and confidence in her staff have demonstrated that young people when given opportunities and responsibility can excel.

DianaDiana strongly believes that businesses need to be about more than making money, that there needs to be a commitment to giving back to the community.  LocoLanding offers a variety of community related events including the “Food for Fun” program, wherein every Grade 3 student can enjoy one hour of fun for free in exchange for food bank donations.  As a result of this program, LocoLanding has been able to raise over 1.5 tons of food for the local food banks every year.  Additionally, the annual LocoLanding Easter Egg Hunt raises money to benefit the OSNS Child Development Centre.

Diana is one of the biggest proponents of Penticton and local businesses and sits on the board of directors of Tourism Penticton and the Penticton Triathlon Race Society.  She also balances a busy family life with two young children.  Almost impossibly effervescent and energetic, she describes her day to day inspiration as follows:  “I’m in the business of fun – which is inspiration itself!  I’m inspired every day to continue building a destination Adventure Park where young families can create cherished memories together, where our 55 teenage staff can have a fantastic first-job experience, and where we can collectively give back to the amazing community we live in.”


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