Penticton Top 40 Under 40 October 30th – Erin Laverdure

Penticton Top 40 Under 40“Penticton Top 40 under 40 is presented by Prospera Credit Union in partnership with the Penticton & Wine Country Chamber of Commerce and JCI Penticton, with support from the Canadian Youth Business Foundation

Erin Laverdure wears many hats, dedicated mother to three young children, loving wife, and Public Health Nurse at the Penticton Health Centre.

Erin’s grandparents settled in Penticton in the 1950’s and she is the second generation from her family to be born here as is her husband.  Unsurprisingly Penticton pride runs deep in her roots.

Erin has long known she wanted to work with children and young families.  In Grade 12 at Pen-High, she decided she wanted to enter the public health field and become a nurse. erin

She completed her nursing degree at UBC-Okanagan, and worked as a Registered Nurse in the maternity/gynecology and pediatric wards of the Penticton Regional Hospital.

Erin has always been passionate about maternal health care and completed her Perinatal Nursing Specialty in 2008.

The long hours and huge workloads of nursing were well worth it for the opportunity to work with babies and new parents.   Job satisfaction for Erin is not measured by awards and accolades but in countless heart-felt thank you notes and words of appreciation she received from her patients and their families.

Erin and her husband had their first child, son Cohen in 2010 and twins Avalon and Bellamy in 2011 and has taken a step back to care for them.  In addition to caring for her young children, Erin works part time at the Penticton Health Centre, while still picking up night shifts at the maternity ward, and somehow still finds time to organize and participate in community events.

Erin is a co-facilitator of the Baby Talk program which runs afternoons at the Penticton Health Centre, for parents with babies under the age of one.  Erin is also passionate about promoting breast feeding as the best and healthiest option for mothers and babies and has acted as treasurer and member-at-large of the Okanagan Breastfeeding Coalition.

Erin draws her inspiration from her family, friends and co-workers and when asked for words of advice to young people considering a career in public health replies: “Get as much experience as you can, volunteer for programs, know your pre-requisites and apply on time.”

If she hadn’t become a nurse, Erin would have still wanted to work with babies and young families and considered becoming what she calls a “Sneak-a-peek 3-D ultrasound technician”, a service that she would love to see here in Penticton.

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